J C Harfoot Machinery

General Agricultural Machinery Dealer
Trefinnick Farm, Trefinnick Road, Bray Shop, Callington, PL17 8QD
Tel:  01579 370246 / 07702 661790

Most of the items below have more information if you click on the picture.

Marshall 8 tonne silage/grain trailer, rocking beam axles, swing hydraulic tail gate, good lights and brakes.

John Deere 3650 1994, 40K, Hi-lift, wide step, air-con, air seat, 2 spools, digital dash, 5,700hrs, back tyres 75%, front tyres 25%.

Kuhn GF 7802 6X7 6 rota tedder, 2014, digi drive, head land kit, marker boards and lights.

Ken Wotton 10 tonne silage/grain trailer, rocking beam axles, low ground pressure tyres, LED lights, c/w grain chute.

Ifor Williams flatbed trailer, 2016, 14ft, head board, back jack legs, alloy ramps, spare wheel


John Deere 7530, power quad, air brakes, TLS, cab suspension, 3,600 hrs, front linkage, 710/70R back, 600/65R28 front, barn stored.

McConnel PA55E, electric controls, 65HP pump, power slew, 3 point linkage, orbital 1.6mt head, F10-T flails.

Spearhead Twiga 655T, joy-stick controls, T-flails, 3 point linkage or bracket mounted, power slew, 65HP pump, telescopic boom.

West 1600 Dual Spreader, good rota, stone trap, good tyres, brakes & lights.

Sanderson all purpose bucket, c/w Sanderson brackets.

John Deere 3800 pivot steer handler, 2002 reg, 6253hrs, tyres 50%, pin & cone head stock, joy-stick controls, barn stored.

John Deere 6155R, 2016, 2,900hrs, front linkage, TLS,cab suspension, 50K, air brakes, electric spools, power quad plus gear box, tyres 50%.

Toyota Invincible truck, 2015, 81,000 miles, 12 months MOT, full services & history, alloy wheels, tow hitch, load liner, air-con, cloth seats, two owners from new.

Toyota Invincible Hilux, 2017, 42,000 miles, services history, leather seats, sat nav, air con, alloy wheels, c/w new tow hitch.

West 1600 Dual Spreader, 2008, stone trap, good auger and rota, C/W lights and brakes.

McCaully 13 tonne plant trailer, 2008, sprung draw bar, strap box, manual ramps, LED lights.

Marston 25ft bale trailer, 2005, rocking beam axles, super single tyres, head board & front lade, led lights, c/w to new tyres.

John Deere 3650 K reg, Hi-lift, air con, wide step, digital dash, 40K, 7,800hrs, front linkage & PTO.

Spearhead 655T hedge trimmer, 2015, joy-stick controls, 3 point linkage, power slew, telescopic boom.

McConnel PA55 hedge trimmer, 2008, F 14 flails, 3 point linkage, XTC controls, 65HP pump, 1.2mt head.

McConnel PA6565T hedge trimmer, 2016, motion controls, F14 flails, 3 point linkage, telescopic boom, 65HP pump, 1.2mt.

Marston 10 tonne grain trailer, sprung axles, c/w grain chute.

Bomford Falcon 5 hedge trimmer, power slew, 1.5mt head, 3 point linkage, oil cooler, T-flails, lights, electric proportional controls.

Hi-Spec 1000 dung spreader, c/w new chains and weights, hydraulic lid, flotation tyres, lights and brakes.

Claas 1050 T tedder, 2013, trailed on link arms, hydraulic folding, wide angled PTO, c/w lights and marker boards, done very little.

NC 314 dump trailer 2018, sprung draw bar, rocking beam 10 stud axles, magic tail gate, super single tyres, LED lights.

McConnel PA60, 3 point linkage, power slew, 65HP pump, orbital head, proportional controls, F10-T flails.

McConnel PA65T hedge trimmer, 2011, XTC joy-stick controls, 65HP pump, 3 point linkage, F10-T flails, 1.6mt head.

McConnel PA6570T hedge trimmer, 2017, 3 point linkage, 70HP pump, F14 flails, hydraulic roller.

McConnel PA55 hedge trimmer, 2007, 65HP pump, 3 point linkage, XTC joy-stick controls, F10-T flails, 1.2mt head.

Kongskilde Vibro Master 2016, rubber depth wheels, front leveling boards, working width 13ft 8inches, like new.

McConnel PA6070VFR hedge trimmer, 2013, orbital 1.2mt head, revolution controls, 70HP pump, F14-T flails, 3 point linkage, power slew.

Twose TS 525 hedge trimmer, 2004,power slew, 3 point linkage, cable controls, 1.2mt head, T flails

McConnel PA5570 hedge trimmer, 2011,electric controls, power slew, 70HP pump, 3 point linkage, F10-T flails, c/w 1.6mt head.

Ifor Williams triaxle cattle box, 14ft, sheep decks, good tyres, brakes & lights, c/w spare wheel.

JPM 14 tonne dump trailer, sprung draw bar, rocking beam axles, super single tyres, hydraulic tail board, good lights and brakes.

JPM dump trailer 14 tonne, 2016, sprung draw bar, rocking beam 8 stud axles, super single tyres, hydraulic tail gate, LED lights.

Ifor Williams 14ft flat bed trailer, 2019, never been used, LED lights, 6 strapping points on the bed, head board, steel ramps, c/w spare wheel.

McConnel PA52 hedge trimmer, 2003, power slew, 3 point linkage, F10-T flails, cable controls, orbital head.

West 1600 dual spreader, good auger and rota, stone trap, c/w walking wall, good lights and brakes.

Fraser 6 tonne silage/grain trailer, drop side, hydraulic brakes, c/w grain chute.

John Deere 2140 , 1980, V reg, 5,200hrs, OPU cab, 2 spools, good tyres, barn stored.

John Deere 459 conventional baler, 1994, wide pick-up, wide angled PTO, baled 3,500 bales of straw this season.

Weeks 10 tonne grain trailer, sprung draw bar, sprung axles, super single tyres, hydraulic tail gate, grain chute, barn stored.

Bomford Hawk 6.5 hedge trimmer, 2008, proportional controls, 3 point linkage, power slew, telescopic boom, T flails.

McConnel PA65T, 2008, 1.2mt head, F-10 T flails, 3 point linkage, V3 controls, power slew, 65HP pump, telescopic boom.

Grays set of ballast rollers, c/w lead roller, 8ft working width.

Strimech BK T20-76, bucket, 2018, c/w Manitou brackets, 2 cube, very good condition.

John Deere 3050 J reg, 1992, digital dash, 7,200 hrs, Hi-Lift, Air-con, 40K, light brown cladding in cab, 3 spools, tyres 600/65 back, 540/65 front, 80%, 0ne owner from new.

John Deere 2500B precision cut, joy stick controls, diesel engine, 2,200hrs, collection box, lights, all in very good order.

AW 10 tonne grain trailer, sprung axles, super single tyres 90% good, c/w grain door, barn stored.

AW bale trailer 22ft long, 2006, sprung axles, 12.5 tyres, front and back lade, barn stored.

Nissan 25 fork lift truck, lifts 2.5 tonnes, 1989, 2,470hrs, 3 stage mast, c/w 12 months ticket.

MX feeder bucket, good auger, pipes & cutting edge.

John Deere 3400 handler, 2002, 5,200hrs, joy-stick controls, pick-up hitch, pin & cone head stock.

McConnel PA5570 hedge trimmer, 2011, XTC controls, 1.2mt head, new F14 -T flails, 70HP pump, 3 point linkage, power slew.

Bailey plant trailer 2015, sprung draw bar, sprung 10 stud commercial axles, air/hydraulic brakes, hydraulic ramps which fold down into wedge, LED lights, 26ft long.

Parmiter post banger, 3 point linkage, hydraulic tilt, done very little work.